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Message  Alexis le Dim 5 Oct - 22:17

This one is actually the attempt of two persons. Alexis Damien, he’s played drums with Wormfood & Carnival in coal and Asphodel (Penumbra, Howdy Effect, etc). They communicated in order to make a side project, which has become a band (they will have additional musicians supporting during playing live). Alexis took over composing and playing all instruments (!) and also doing some brutal vox, while Asphodel has sung all melodic parts.

Regarding the motif, it is basically a mixture of rhythms and sounds, featuring elements from pop, goth, punk art themes, jazz passages and club-live paragraphs. “Barbaric” spots are also scattered in here, guitars are sometimes brutal and vocals touch the Black Metal borderline. Wait till you have a look at the song titles. “Pussy worship”, “Nearly dead bat make up”, “Only some shitty chemical stuff”… surreal, right? Most of the songs are below four minutes and packed with vocals.

Due to the fact that it’s trendy to talk about avant garde musicology and 21st century nouvelle vague, we’ll simply smile and move on. It’s an interesting experiment, like Siouxsie-ing the music of L7 or something like that. Above all, it’s music.

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