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Message  Alexis le Lun 7 Juin - 14:02

You know an experience is about to occur when the first track you decide to hear on "342" is named after a British extreme metal band, although changed slightly (Vaginaal Nathrakh). It sounds like a Japanese kids Animé, before veering into a heavier tone, then suddenly going symphonic out of nowhere.
Welcome to the world of Pin Up Went Down, a metal band based in France that put the craziness of Mike Patton, Bjork and Shining (blackjazz band, not the band with Kvarforth as a member) into their music. The main difference you will notice is that Pin Up used to be a duo between Asphodel and Alexis Damien, but have now added a pianist to the ranks for this album (Nicolas Damien), hence the "342" album title!
Craziness is still for the most part, the name of Pin Up Went Down’s game as songs like ‘Pictures To Speak To’ are more subdued. As soon as you think they’re mellowing, a song such as 'Murphy In The Sky With Daemons' (and yes, that is how it is spelt) comes along.
Vocally Alexis manages to take care of the death growl and uses Patton style vocals well, when it is required. Asphodel demonstrates and ability to deliver a very diverse range of vocal harmony, at one point showcasing melodic vocals, then suddenly doing a childlike voice that can send shivers down your spine. In essence it reminds me of Jarboe and Diamanda Galas in style and delivery, but with her own twist.
I will stress however that I don’t expect everyone to like this and the thing they’ll probably use as the main reason is that ‘it’s too weird’, which is fine (and I don’t expect fans of Bieber Fever to even think about trying it!) but I feel that they’re missing out on something that doesn’t try to pigeon-hole itself musically. In fact, there is at some point, an element for everyone. Even to the point that a piece by Mahler is interpreted on ‘Aquarium’.
Pin Up Went Down are a band that manage to use being unique in a positive way, and personally, I enjoy the fact that they’re able to keep you guessing on what is coming next. Who knows, the next album may be a jazz affair! This is an album that is recommended if you are willing to expand your mind.


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