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Message  Alexis le Jeu 24 Juin - 12:09

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Pin Up Went Down
Ascendance Records
Twisted and brilliant
Avant garde just isn’t what it was. Thanks in no small part to Mr Bungle and some of Mike Pattons’ other projects, both the fanbase and the inspiration for a huge scene of bands have been defined to the point where bands like Rolo Tomassi, derivative though they are, can sign with major labels and receive mainstream media attention. Even though the two concepts may be mutually incompatible, the fact is that at the moment some of the most avant garde music imaginable is becoming part of the mainstream. It won’t last, of course. Those of you who enjoy the aforementioned bands and seek others of a similar quality should check out Pin Up Went Down forthwith. Based around the talents of multi-instrumentalist Alexis Damien – a sort of one-man Bungle – and the not-inconsiderable vocal talents of Asphodel, supplemented by a few extra musicians here and there, this, their second album, blends classical, jazz, pure pop, black metal and out-there mashed-up nonsense in an outstandingly original recipe. Asphodel variously sounds like Diamanda Galas, Alanis Morrisette, Katie-Jane Garside and Cristina Scabbia depending on which mood she is in. Her versatility perfectly dovetails with Damien’s mad mixture of influences, and the resultant album is surprisingly cohesive, having been composed with real intelligence and insight, to remarkable and versatile effect.


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