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Message  Alexis le Sam 6 Nov - 20:02

Questions asked by Jon Wilde, added to Rock Realms 5th November 2010.

French avante-garde metal masters Pin Up Went Down released their latest album, simply entitled "342" back at the end of June through Ascendance Records.

We caught up with female vocalist Asphodel to find out more...

Hi Asphodel, thanks for taking a moment to answer these questions. Hope you are well?

Asphodel: I try to be. To be honest, the 4 last months have been difficult for me. Now, I feel a little bit better, so here I am...

How did you get into singing in the first place, and when did you realise you had a real talent for it?

Asphodel: I started at 6 hearing Edith Piaf! But I don't think it's a kind of talent. It's just what I like to do. I never thought I had a talent for anything, to be honest. Singing has always been something that makes me feel like myself, that makes me live time without any fear.

Do you come from a musical family?

Asphodel: No. Nobody plays music in my family.

How did you originally meet Alexis, and how quickly did you become involved with “Pin-Up Went Down”?

Asphodel: I met Alexis when I sung for his former band Wormfood. He told me about his solo project, asking me if I was interested in making a guest appearance. I agreed, and when he heard my first try on Intrusion, he asked me if I wanted to be PUWD's lead singer. I said yes, huh!

Where did the band’s name come from?

Asphodel: First the band was called Esthete Piggie, but the meaning we gave it was different from what English natives understood. So we changed it into Pin-Up Went Down, which deals with the fall of every glorious era or icon of success.

What other bands were you in before Pin-Up Went Down?

Asphodel: I used to sing in some underground projects (Forbidden Grace, Nowonmaï...), and in Penumbra which split some months ago.

Was the band formed with a sound and style in mind, or has the musical approach developed over time?

Asphodel: Both. In fact, Alexis had a very precise point of view on what he wanted to play. The project was more doom and dark... And when he saw I wanted to play with tonalities and vocal personalities, Alexis gave other facets to the projects. Then, some details developed over time... and it's always the way we proceed.

Pin-Up Went Down plays a really interesting, dare I say unique sound. How would you describe your band and vibe to someone who hadn’t heard you before?

Asphodel: Uneasy question for me, hehe. Well, for me, PUWD is a movie. I think it would be the best way to explain what we do. You have actors, situations, and stories. Or, if it doesn't work, it's a pea soup with a touch of mint Wink

Who are your personal musical influences and heroes, and how do they relate to the music the band plays?

Asphodel: I love Devin Townsend and Disillusion, but I couldn't call them a "hero" in that case. Heroes don't exist. Maybe the ethereal parts of Townsend can be an influence for us, but I don't think we have real influences. We only play music, without trying to sound like X or Y. We do what we want, and that's the best thing that can occur to a musician... Free, above all.

The debut album “2 Unlimited” got some seriously good reviews. Did you know it was good when you made it or did the positive feedback surprise you?

Asphodel: We knew that 2 Unlimited was special, but we were not conscious of the results. When we read the reviews, we were completely surprised. We honestly didn't expect such a welcoming range of opinions.

Did you have a good feeling about “342” as you were creating it?

Asphodel: It has been very difficult to compose. Indeed, we were completely afraid by the new step we wanted to do, and we needed to go further in the analysis of emotion and depths. As we were composing it, I was petrified by our work, cause I didn't want to recreate what we already did.

How does the new release compare to the debut in terms of sound and style?

Asphodel: It's more organic and "fleshy". We tried to put more emotional points and face ourselves in a different way... I don't know if we succedeed or not. We tried to... Do you find the whole studio/creative experience pleasurable, hard work, or a combination of both?

Asphodel: Both! It was so hard, pleasant, exciting, frustrating, terifying and moving!!!

Where do you find your writing influences? Where do you look for inspiration?

Asphodel: In life and experiences. I am a perpetual analyst, always questioning about human being's behaviour and needs.

Is there a single story behind the songs on “342”, or are they all standalone tracks?

Asphodel: Standalone!

What is the meaning behind the album’s title?

Asphodel: We were two, now, we are three. Alexis's brother joined us some months ago, and I wanted to welcome him by dedicating him the title of the album.

How is a typical Pin-Up Went Down song created? How does the writing process work in the band?

Asphodel: Alexis and his brother tried things, make me hear them, and If I feel in total empathy with it, I sing. Nothing magical. Sometimes, I try to compose too!

Do you do anything special in the studio to get your sound or is the recording process relatively straightforward?

Asphodel: It sounds like any recording session you know. Sometimes, I use tips for my singing parts. Example: for Serie Z 1, I sung in the dark, without any light in the studio. I wanted to incarnate the character as well as I felt it.

Do you have any favourite moments on the new album?

Asphodel: Yes. Aquarium. It's uneasy for me to listen to it, cause I cried while recording it...

I get the impression the band doesn’t play that many live dates. Is that something you’d like to rectify?

Asphodel: After the third album, definitely!

What is a Pin-Up Went Down live show like?

Asphodel: Come one day, and you'll see! Or ask the audience, cause I feel so "natural" and mad on stage that I can't describe what it's like.

Any question you love being asked that I’ve missed? If so, what’s the answer?

Asphodel: No, i think that was good Smile

What are you up to once you’ve finished answering these questions?

Asphodel: Finishing my coffee, and making my dogs pee. A beautiful thing. And then, I'll wait for my singing students!

Anything else you would like to mention?

Asphodel: Yes! I'm really proud of the collaboration between Andy from Disillusion and us. He sings on Vaginaal Nathrakh, and I'm really proud of this.

Thanks for your time!

Asphodel: Thanks for yours!!!!!

Thanks again to Asphodel for her time.


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